Chris Reineck has nearly a decade’s experience writing music for commercials, film, television, and experiential. He founded the creative audio agency TakeNote Music with his writing partner, Jeff Lurie, in 2012; working on campaigns for Ford, Lincoln, Rice Krispies, Stella Artois, Under Armour, Serta, and Swiss Chalet. Chris completed the Canadian Film Centre’s  Slaight Music Residency program in 2016 and since then has worked as an assistant to Lesley Barber on the films Nappily Ever After, Late Night, and the upcoming Hulu series Four Weddings and a Funeral (produced by Mindy Kaling). Chris also wrote the score for the Bell-funded series Tokens as well as contributing to the upcoming children’s series Glowbies. Chris is currently working on the score for the feature Hazy Little Thing with composer and Bruce Penninsula frontman Neil Haverty.


Chris is also a sound designer and composer for the Muse 2, a device which uses detecte, brainwaves, heart rate and breath to create custom sonic experiences to aid in mindfulness and meditation.  In addition, Chris occasionally acts as an audio post-production manager - as he did with the upcoming feature documentary Reckoning With The Wendigo; an expose of the Northern food crisis currently taking place in remote Canada from director Danielle Da Silva.


Full resume and CV available here.